Who is Radoïka? 

My fondest memories at school are my drawing moments.

In preschool, I used to draw flowers on snowy landscapes which gave my teacher food for thought.

At the age of 15, I spent time painting second-hand furniture in my grandparents’ attic.

When I turned 19, I took a competitive entrance examination in a fashion design school. However, my relatives convinced me that studying business was a safer option and I set aside my artistic dreams.

My passion for painting came back a few years after I entered the professional world. At that time, I took courses in painting and I learned a new skill: patina on wood. I learned new techniques with Mireille CARDON and in the GUIGE workshop in Paris, within the company MOISSONNIER.

This period had a big impact on me. Since then, I’m esthetically amazed by everything I see and experience.

I opened a store of fine art and crafting. In this shop, I developed workshops of artistic practice where I taught painting. Teaching art and sharing my skills with others made me feel fulfilled.

Today, my first choice goes to paint on large canvas. My paintings are figurative.They often represent the human body and its furtive moves. Just seeing someone smile on a picture can make me want to paint. I deliberately choose very vivid colours.
Each new painting is the promise of a new experiment. My style constantly evolves.
When I paint, I deeply feel what freedom is.

My artistic journey 

My paintings depict my emotions through the shapes, the texture, and the colours.
I immerse myself in what inspires me, and I catch the core of the pictures which touch me. Through my paintings, I want the viewers to be moved, I want my paintings to make people smile.

Currently, I’m painting:

 - Women’s bodies, often monochrome, aiming to highlight their beautiful curves and the sweetness I feel when I look at these bodies.

 - Portraits. I like the idea that we can picture the person behind each portrait.

I like to follow freely my desires. I may choose acrylic paint or oil paint, the first being more instantaneous and the other being more sensual. I experience each creation like an adventure.

I use many techniques, with curiosity and openness. My style evolves as I go along, I don’t want to limit myself to one style.

I take pleasure in learning, development, and challenging myself as I go further and further in my practice.